leyla fakhr

About us

The Collectors’ Edition is a curated selection of limited edition prints, multiples and publications by some of the world’s most acclaimed artists. Our mission is to revitalize the impact of art in our society and play a positive role in building and affirming its educational value. Each of our artists is carefully selected to reflect the dynamism and criticality of the fine art scene. We offer our clients the opportunity to build an art collection that is of museum standard at an affordable price point. 

Founder Leyla Fakhr worked for over seven years as a curator at Tate, specializing in acquisitions of the national collection of modern and contemporary art, in particular in prints and print portfolios. She developed an affinity for art collections and has special interest in the arts from the Middle East, North Africa, as well as the wider diaspora which is highly reflected in the selection of works of The Collectors’ Editions.